Who is Behind Bendustries?

Word made it my way that this here blog has been getting some play on DDMSUnderground lately. Somewhat surprisingly, nobody has asked me who I am. So who is behind Bendustries?

My name is Ben, and I’m the KeyOps for Complete Office in Seattle. I started this blog many years ago, not too long after I started figuring out how to do the things I’ve posted about here. My hope was to have a place where DDMS dealers could learn new things and discuss amongst ourselves all the things that go into running a dealership using DDMS, whether you’re in OP, furniture, jan-san or whatever else. My intent wasn’t too compete with DDMSUnderground, but to have something of a more modern method of communicating. (Granted, it’s been years, but last I saw, DU seemed to be primarily mailing-list based).

So if you’re a DDMS Dealer and you want a place to talk about DDMS, ECInteractive, the challenges of running a dealership in the 21st century, or whatever else, sign up for the forums and we’ll make this industry better together.

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