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  1. Who is Behind Bendustries? — 2018-03-25
  2. Bulk Bin Updater (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ODBC Connections) — 2018-03-25
  3. Planet Press and Python Scripting — 2018-03-20
  4. Mass-changing Item Records — 2015-10-13
  5. Mass-changing customer records — 2015-10-04

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  1. Setting up XAMPP to Work With MSSQL — 2 comments
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Who is Behind Bendustries?

Word made it my way that this here blog has been getting some play on DDMSUnderground lately. Somewhat surprisingly, nobody has asked me who I am. So who is behind Bendustries?

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Bulk Bin Updater (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ODBC Connections)

Quite a while ago, I posted a replacement for DDMS’ Release to On-Hand report, PO Bin. Over the years, I’ve had a variety of ways of keeping the bulk bin table updated. Here is how I’m doing it now, and it’s the most efficient way I’ve ever had.

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Planet Press and Python Scripting

Planet Press can be a very powerful tool. Later on, I’ll put up a post that some dealers might find pleasantly surprising in uses for Planet Press you might not have realized. For now, though, a quick note on using Python in Planet Press.

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Mass-changing Item Records

In my previous post, I gave a quick run-down of using the N-CUS1 selector in +W to change customer records. 98% of the time, that’s what I’m doing when I’m in +W. Occasionally, though, I need to mass-change item records. Here’s how we use R-CAT1 to do just that.

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Mass-changing customer records

Mass changing customer records is one of the most powerful, and dangerous, functions in DDMS. Here’s an example of a simple mass-change.

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On prefix changes and favorites lists

For Q4 of 2014, United made the decision to align their prefixes with Lagasse’s, as United feels “Lagasse is the standard in jan-san.” Wisdom of that decision aside (hint: I didn’t find it particularly wise), it left a whole lot of dealers with some work to do.

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A New Ship-to Report, Now for the Download Version

Previously, I walked through the full treatment of developing new reports from the ground up, starting in SQL Server Management Studio, then adding the View version to the new reports screen we added. Today, we’ll finish that off, by adding the Download version.

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A New Ship-to Report, Adding it to the Reports Screen

In my previous post, A New Ship-To Report, From a Development View, I walked through my method of developing queries in SQL Server Management Studio. Today, we’ll take that as a starting point to add it to our reports screen.

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A New Ship-To Report, From a Development View

Early in the days of bendustries.co, one of my first posts was an introduction to SQL Server Studio Manager and the basics of SQL queries, using a basic ship-to report as an example. Since then, I’ve expanded a bit on what I run as a ‘typical’ ship-to report. Aside from that, I think the time …

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Vendor Contract Report

For many dealers, once you reach a certain size, it makes sense to stock product. In a lot of cases, paper is a natural fit, as the wholesalers’ prices are out of line if you’re trying to compete with the big boxes or Costco. Beyond that, though, you may find it makes sense to bring …

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