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For those that just want to get to the reports available from Bendustries, they are available here.
Bulk Bin Updater
MD5: F90B030B30A1DEB650F9B8459183E94A
SHA1: 3B02BCA22C0D99D2BC56C497E86D88420B749D08

Customer Reports and Customer Ship-to
MD5: F9826E02F66C6AC5371319BCC79BC64B
SHA1: BC44E548304973A16AF537F39C7EAFA8D630B756

Vendor ContractContract Reports
MD5: 8F0CC716B38BC9C247553EB0F73BF19A
SHA1: 09983DF6F524EFCE20318E8CC8CDF0DC3774E6DC

Rollup One, which includes all reports created up to this point.
MD5: DD46518DEDF712F0C75B68B628585E5C
SHA1: 2462C2D64E2D6B29C031FE84D1710AACF5FB4328

Includes the following reports:
  Customer by Contract, both view and download Customer Reports
  Contract by Item, both view and download Customer Reports
  Item Bin (both with and without Bulk Bins) Warehouse Reports
  PO Bin Warehouse Reports
  Flushed Today Report Stand-alone command-line report
  Status 1 Report Stand-alone command-line report

The individual reports are also available. They are cumulative, so the Customer by Contract report also includes the Contract by Item report. They also include the updated reports front-end and javascript files:

Customer by Contract
MD5: 9D5F85D2B96D5BFF6BC6E14BE68B3197
SHA1: 4E1B106696F6CD45F625A7C24D1B21B2AFC81C7C

Contract by Item
MD5: EBCCC6A9FD807556FF87F99C2CC369AD
SHA1: 771336149AE57E122900CBAFCD295967767BFF84

Item Bin
MD5: 6B8DC729A660B1AA44902DFE4C6B1B1E
SHA1: B3C4B9CBD29E58CFD1663C64FFEFF721FBF4451A

This includes Item Bin both with and without bulk bins. The default version is without bulk bins. If you need the version with bulk bins, simply rename the files – warehousereports.php to warehousereports-nobulk.php and warehousereports-bulk.php to warehousereports.php and likewise for itembin.php. It also includes the sql file that will create the structure of the bulk_bin table on your MySQL server.

PO Bin
MD5: B315C1ED886EC96BB407A7CA8735239B
SHA1: 3BBBA8B0A83BB944E6FD39B9CB686E5D3DC062C7

Like Item Bin, this includes both versions with and without bulk bins. The default again is without.

Status 1 Today
MD5: 6FA9A8561C8938D10A655D7469D83C9B
SHA1: FEBD997937F52D0FB66B596C06277D2934ED90AE

Flushed Today
MD5: D328D4DE2CE868F67F4216B2A1C1CCC7
SHA1: 68CB9A01D10EB4BA8B9B402A3D5D32848E19FC5B

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