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Vendor Contract Report

For many dealers, once you reach a certain size, it makes sense to stock product. In a lot of cases, paper is a natural fit, as the wholesalers’ prices are out of line if you’re trying to compete with the big boxes or Costco. Beyond that, though, you may find it makes sense to bring …

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A Downloadable Version of Contract by Customer

Like we did with the Item by Contract report, today we’ll add the option to download the Customer by Contract report. The refreshed version of completecontracts.php, completecontracts.js, and the customer_by_contract-dl.php file itself, available from bendustries.co/files/contracts/warehousereports_inc_cbc-dl.zip. Or the report by itself is bendustries.co/files/contracts/customer_by_contract-dl.zip. As before, contractreports just needs two lines uncommented to show the download button, …

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Putting Your Reports in Excel – introducing PHPExcel

As I mentioned way back, one of the fundamental weaknesses DDMS has is the lack of an easy way to get reports into spreadsheet programs to allow you to work with your data in a coherent way. We currently have two reports, Item by Contract and Customer by Contract where we’ll often want to work …

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